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Frequently asked questions

1.0 Panel Capacities

1.1 What Panel thicknesses and weights can your standoffs hold?
This information is on our website
For monomounts go to:
For multimounts go to:

2.0 Dimensions

2.1 What size holes do I need in my panels for Pizazz standoffs?

3.0 Installation

3.1 Do you supply wall anchors with your monomounts and/or multimounts?
3.2 How far apart can Pizazz multimounts standoffs be spaced?
3.3 Can monomounts and/or multimounts be used outdoors?

4.0 Sundry

4.1 How do I get a mono+multi Display Pack?
4.2 Can I buy single Parts if I need a replacement/s?
4.3 Can I Buy Resin monomounts and or multimounts with different coloured Parts?
4.4 Can you supply custom colours of your Resin standoffs?
4.5 Are Pizazz standoffs eco-friendly?