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What they are

Best for displaying artwork, photography and other valuable graphics, edgemounts were invented by Pizazz. Designed to be an elegant new standoff system for installing panels on walls and other surfaces in a variety of graphic image display applications.

Pizazz edgemounts have four Parts, G+H+I+L which are sold together as a set. They are made from high quality Aluminium and are anodised Satin Silver.

How they work

  • G Parts are secured to a vertical or horizontal surface with screws (and wall anchors if required).
  • I Parts screw into the G Parts, and can hold a panel between the I and G Parts
  • L Parts can hold panels and a graphic image between the L and G Parts.
  • The L Parts slide into the H Parts and are secured by H Parts that screw into the base of the G Parts.

What makes them different

  • Pizazz edgemounts minimalistic design and slimline shape make them unobtrusive compared to other edgemounts which compete for visual attention with the graphics they are securing.
  • Pizazz edgemounts give customers the option of installing back panels, to create borders around their graphics and increase their visual impact. Borders with colours selected to highlight a colour in the graphics, or match a corporate brand, can be a very effective enhancement. This effect can be seen on our edgemounts Display, where the red elements in the black areas of the butterfly’s wings, are highlighted by the red back panel.