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What they are

Best for changeable graphic displays, multimounts are a patented standoff system invented by Pizazz.
Designed for displaying changeable graphic images on walls and other surfaces, in a wide range of graphic display applications.

Pizazz multimounts have three Parts, A+B+C which are sold together as a set.

Optional extraspacers, D Parts - are also available and are sold separately. extraspacers are used to increase the standoff distance and/or hold more panels.

How they work

  • A Parts are secured to a vertical or horizontal surface with screws and wall anchors if required.
  • B Parts screw into the A Parts and can secure a back panel between the A and B Parts.
  • C Parts screw into the B Parts and can secure a front panel between the B and C Parts.
  • When you use multimounts, installing and displaying graphics is easy, fast and safe.

What makes them different

multimounts are different from other all other standoffs - which typically have 2 Parts - a spacer and a front screw.
multimounts are a 3 Part system with unique functionality that delivers valuable benefits:
  • When the C Parts are undone to install or change a graphic, all that is released is the front panel and the graphic image.
  • he back panel remains in place on the wall secured by the B Parts.
With other standoffs, when the image needs to be changed and the front screw is undone, everything comes away from the wall. Keeping the front panel, the graphic image and the back panel aligned during the re-installation process is difficult and carries the prospect of damaging the panels, the image and/or installer.

multimounts are available in 4 materials:

  • Aluminium -
    in a natural finish
  • Brass -
    electroplated in Satin Chrome, Bright Chrome, Satin Black, Satin Gold and Bright Gold
  • Hybrid -
    this range features Gloss Clear Resin A and B Parts combined with C Parts selected from the Aluminium or Brass Material and gives you the ‘look’ of an all metal standoff at substantially lower cost.
  • Resin -
    variety of attractive colours and finishes.