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Pizazz eStore - Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 Prices.

1.1. Are prices the same on as they are from your Distributors?

Pizazz eStore prices may be lower than the prices charged by our Distributors. This is usually because our prices do not include local sales taxes and/or the charges detailed in 4.6 below (if applicable) which are included in our Distributors prices.

We have recommended selling prices, however Distributors are free to sell at higher or lower prices.

2.0 Payments.

2.1. How do I pay for my PO?
2.2. I would prefer to pay directly into your bank account – can I do that?

3.0 Purchasing.

3.1. How do I purchase Products from you?
3.2. Is there a minimum PO value?

4.0 Delivery.

4.1. How long do you take to process a PO?
4.2. How are POs delivered?
4.3. How long does delivery take?
4.4. Can I track my PO?
4.5. If my PO is less than the free delivery value - how much will delivery cost?
4.6. Is import duty applicable to my PO?

5.0 Fulfilment.

5.1. What happens if any of the Products I have ordered are temporarily out of stock?
5.2. If I think there are some Products are missing from my PO, what should I do?
5.3. I think I have received some wrong Products – what should I do?
5.4. I think there is something faulty with my Products – what should I do?
5.5. Some of my Products have been damaged during delivery – what should I do?

6.0 Registration.

6.1. Do I have to register to buy from
6.2. How do I change my customer details?
6.3. Are my details secure?
6.4. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

7.0 Security.

7.1. Is it safe to shop at
7.2. What security and protection do you offer?

8.0 Returns.

8.1. Can I return a Product I’ve bought from Pizazz eStore?
8.2. How do I return a Product?
8.3. Will I get a refund for Products I return?

9.0 Spare Parts,

9.1. I need a spare Part – what should I do?

10.0 Customer Service.

10.1. I need more information - how do I contact Customer Service?